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I’m a junior undergraduate in IIIT-Sri City. I’m an NLP Enthusiast, and love to work on applied fields of Natural language processing. I am a part of the Natural Language processing Lab(HiLT) at IIIT-Sri City headed by Professor Amitava Das. We work on problems like Community Detection, Social Media Analysis, Social Media Terrorism, Sentiment Analysis, Code-Mixing, Personality, Values/Ethics, Age, Gender Detection, analysis of Figurative Language (Sarcasm, Irony, Humour, Meaphor) and Implication Analysis (Humour and Quote Understanding).


A Societal Sentiment Analysis: Predicting the Values and Ethics of individuals by analysing Social Media Content Conference proceedings as Full paper in EACL-2017, Valencia, Spain

Semantic Interpretation of Social Network Communities Conference proceedings as Student Abstract in AAAI-2017, San Fransisco, USA

Modeling Satire in English Text for Automatic Detection - Conference proceedings as full paper in ICDM-Sentire 2016, Barcelona, Spain

Cosmopolitan Mumbai, Orthodox Delhi, Tech-city Bangalore-Understanding city specific societal sentiment Conference Proceedings as full paper in ICON-2016, Varanasi, India

Predicting the Values and Ethics of Individuals by Analysing Social Media Content Poster awarded 2nd best at IBM I-CARE 2016, Bangalore, India.

Revealing Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Communities in Social Networks using Personality and Values Models [Communicated]

Socio-Ethnic Ingredients of Social Network Communities [Communicated]

Mining Human Psycholinguistic Behaviour from social media [Communicated]

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  • Winter 2016

    Research Associate @ Precog-IIITD, under guidance of Professor Ponnurangam Kumaraguru. Worked on ‘Understanding Sociological Vulnerability of ISIS Patronisers on Twitter’

  • October 2016

    ‘A Societal Sentiment Analysis: Predicting the Values and Ethics of Individuals by Analysing Social Media Content’ Awarded 2nd best poster @ IBM I-CARE 2016

  • Summer 2016

    Research Assistant @ Nanyang Technological University, under guidance of Professor Erik Cambria. Worked on ‘Automatic Satire Detection’

  • Summer 2015

    Design and development of Spy-Robot which using Wi-fi and Bluetooth communication networks and works on four control mechanisms i.e., DTMF, Remote, Speech, Gesture.


Social Media Surveillance for Counter-Terrorism | (Present)

Collaboration with Prof.Ponnurangam Kumaraguru(PK) for social media ter- rorism detection using various metrics like Personality, Values & Ethics, Age, Gender, Veridicality and Life Satisfaction

Semantic Interpretation of Social Network Communities | (2016-Present)

In network science, a community is considered to be a group of nodes densely connected internally and sparsely connected externally. However, the semantic interpretation of a community is hardly studied. In this project, my team attempts to understand whether individuals in a community possess similar Personalities, Values and Ethical background. Finally, we show that Personality and Values models could be used as features to discover more accurate community structure compared to the one obtained from only network information. AAAI Student paper

Figurative Language Analysis | (2016-Present)

Figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. Figurative language is used with a meaning that is different from the basic meaning and thatexpresses an idea in an interesting way by using language thatusually describes something else. Therefore, one of the greatest challenges in computational linguistics is figurative languageprocessing, since the words or expressions used possess ameaning that is different from the literal interpretation. In my summer internship at NTU Singapore, I worked on analysis of various elements of figurative language. My team also developed an automatic satire detection system, we published a research paper on the works carried out in ICDM-Sentire-2016

Sentiment Analysis of Code-Mixed text | (2016-Present)

Sentiment Analysis seeks to identify the opinions and viewpoints communicated in a given piece of data which is generally in the form of text. In the recent years, there have been many attempts to classify texts from various sources based on their polarity. However, a major challenge in analyzing textual data is Code-Mixing. Especially, in a multilingual country like India where about 22 official languages exist, Code-Mixing is very prominent. For example, many native languages are Code-Mixed in English script. In this project, my team attempts to provide a sentiment analysis of Telugu, Tamil and Hindi social media textual content obtained from various kind of social media sources like Twitter, Facebook e.t.c. The model will classify a given text into positive, negative and neutral.

Personality Detection from Social Network Profiles | (2016-Present)

According to statistics Facebook is the 2nd most popular and Twitter is the 10th most popular website now! Probably the meaning space of social-status and Facebook/Twitter status is coming closer day by day. There could be a perpetual debate on whether digital representations of us on Facebook/Twitter can capture much about human social relations, but the increasing popularity of these sites and data made urgency to develop technology to manage this information more intelligently than ever. With that necessity in mind the goal of my present research is to assess personality(Openness (O),Conscientiousness (C),Extraversion (E), Agreeableness (A), Neuroticism (N)called Big Five Model)of any user from his/her Facebook/Twitter interactions.

Shallow Parsing of Code-Mixed text | (2016-Present)

In this project, me along with my team attempt to develop a Shallow parser for Code-Mixed social media text. Dependency parsing is the linguistic technique to identify dependent relations between textual components in a given natural language sentence. Parsing is a well studied paradigm for monolingual formal text whereas linguistic research on code-mixing multi-lingual text is new research strand altogether. Our current endeavor includes English-Hindi and English-Telugu parser development.

Values/Personality Community World Map | (2016-Present)

To understand how someone’s personality and intrinsic values change with geolocation and city we intend to perform several experiments, the final outcome of which will be a map to represent geo-specific values.In order to create the World map, we intend to collect data from 40 most popular cities around the world. We will also be collecting the network structure of atleast 2000 users from each city and determine the Values and Personality and checking community Variations all over the world. This values/ethics map would provide an overview of the kind of values & Personalities possessed by people from different regions and community structure.

Home Automation System with user Face Recognition | (2015)

Devised a Home Automation System which validates user on the basis of face recognition.

Web portal for meeting queue system | (2015)

Developed a fully meeting queue system using web2py framework and SQLite database. User Interface was developed using Java-Script, HTML and bootstrap.

Capturing the Spied Image-Video Data Using a Flexi-Controlled Robot | (2015)

Published a Research Paper in 3rd ICIIP-2015 conference held in Shimla. IEEE Catalogue number: CFP1569N-ART ; ISBN: 978-1-5090-0148-4 in which we developed a Spy-Robot which uses Wi-fi and Bluetooth communication networks and works on four control mechanisms i.e., DTMF, Remote, Speech, Gesture. Self developed application ’Robo-Control’ was developed using the project.

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